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Want to help promote this FRIDAY's show?

just paste this html in comments on myspace, livejournal, or wherever else you can think of:

<center><a href="http://www.losingseptember.com/tour/2005_04_01_aclu_2.php"><img alt="BSACLU Anti-Censorship Concert" src="http://www.losingseptember.com/tour/2005_04_01_aclu_2.small.jpg" border="0" height="306" width="396"><br>Click for full size</a><br/><br/>I hope to see you there!</center>

It will look like this:
BSACLU Anti-Censorship Concert
Click for full size

I hope to see you there!

saturday's show

thanks for everyone for showing up to the show in lansing on saturday. glad to see all of the sig chi guys there. always a good time. well just wanted to say thanks. didn't get the ultra lights and vikings still suck....

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I'm Jack... the band's nerdy friend that made their website, takes their pictures, etc.

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